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He is the best, he’s a great friend and even better lover. He always will have your back and he’s so kind. He’s crazy intelligent and he has a great body rock hard abs and a toned but muscular body. He has amazing hair, curly and fluffy with blue and gray eyes that could light up the the whole world. He is so committed and he’s the most outgoing guy you’ll ever meet. He will praise you and help you even when you’re having a bad day. He’s the best thing that could ever happen to you.
by Big Bad Wolf November 27, 2018
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Yes it sounds like it means but then was turned into a funny joke in NY and NJ. Started around the summer of 2002 by a kid in south NJ. Saying it is most of the time meaningless and is meant to be oddly funny. The phrase "give me a dollar" is funny because hardly no one ever says that or ever will to be serious.

You now hear "Give me a dollar." in middle schools and spoken by bored teenagers throughout the northeast of the USA. Another use by saying it is to shut people up.
"Give me a dollar!"
"Give me a dollar, bitch!"
There are many other ways of saying it.
by Big Bad Wolf September 02, 2005
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