giuseppe is a somewhat common male name in italy. giuseppe is the nicest guy you will ever meet! he is sweet, kind, and so supportive of every decision you make. he will make you smile no matter how rough your day was and always show you so much compassion. if you meet a giuseppe and manage to become friends with him, dont let him go! if you do, you WILL regret it. if youre someone who has a giuseppe in their life, be thankful! they are the best friend you will ever meet.

on top of being an amazing person, hes also amazing in bed and has the biggest dick ever. props to giuseppe!
friend 1: aw, hes italian and adorable? probably a giuseppe!
friend 2: yeah, thats giuseppe! hes my best friend:)
by giuseppeiscute September 05, 2020
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the sweetest person i know! honest! ive never once seen him get mad or annoyed (and im really annoying broski) hes rlly rlly nice—it’s actually insane how someone can be so cool. like yknow hes funny, sweet, pretty heckin adorable no cap; basically what were getting at here is that hes like actually the ideal friend. its supa cool to call him my super buddy bro guy homie amigo. i feel lucky to have such a person in my life. hes never ONCE done anything to get me upset-and thats saying a lot since im an angry and sad person but w him i jus turn into complete mush and literally the representation of the 🥺 emoji. uwu, giuseppe, uwu.
random person:hey who is that guy over there?
me: thats giuseppe. the best person yet!
by cheetopuffles September 21, 2019
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The horniest man you know. Every other phrase he says is a sexual joke or reference. He often receives nudes from girls at 2 in the morning. Even the most unsuspected of girls try to get some of the big G. He is a very freaky person and is always down for a good sloppy sloppy.
"Hey Giuseppe, how are you-"
"On your knees, now"
by Flabby fanny pack February 11, 2020
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An italian name, which means "Large Penis" in the ancient indian language.
Indian: Did you see that guy?
Other Indian: Yes.
Indian: i wonder if he has a Giuseppe?
Other Indian: Probably.
by Wiki Encyclopedia June 04, 2009
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A sexy beast that while hit you with the el Italianio. He’ll hit u with that meme face at any given time. Don’t mess with Giuseppe.
Hey, don’t try and Giuseppe your way out of this convo.
by Buttlick12 December 14, 2018
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When an erection grows out and upward and slightly off to the side.
Hey man, I think chick has a giuseppe over that girl
by steammustachio October 29, 2019
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