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Giselly is a girl can be very annoying she is skinny and has short hair she talks about people but can be a good friend
Giselly keeps talking about her and she wants to fight but she's too weak
by Hgenxx April 13, 2017
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Giselly is the best friend you can have. She's funny, caring, clever, and always able to lift your spirits when it's a bad day. She recognizes your troubles and helps you through them, but sees you as far more than the issues you face. She's amazingly talented, and her art should really hang in galleries, not be stuffed and forgotten in binders. If she makes you something, treasure it forever - there's a piece of her soul in everything she makes, and it's a beautiful soul to know. This world doesn't deserve the gift of Giselly.
"So, who's your favorite person in the world?"
"Giselly, definitely her. Nobody like her."
by aib March 26, 2019
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