They are like sheets of tinted glass, very fragile and it's really hard to see through them...
Day 1

Girl: Did you even think about me or were you too busy playing Half Life 2?
You: (Slightly lied) Of course I did, I was thinking of you while I play the game.
Girl: ....(not talking and left w/o saying good bye)
You: (Send her an E-Card and find a poem for her and tell her that you love her.

Day 2
You: Open your Email after you came from work/shchool...the Email said that she's braking up with you because she doesn't want commitment.
You: you think back of all the things you did for her, you're pretty sure she love you and now she's saying otherwise.

Possible explanations:
1. It's her period
2. There's someone else she like
by monarch January 31, 2005
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Enigmas. This isn't much of a joke.
........not providing one.
by David Harlow April 24, 2005
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something that i dont have 1 of, need desperatly, and cant do well without
by Hornball April 30, 2004
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In the Amusement Park we call life there is one ride that never seems to end. The roller coaster ride of Girls.

Sometimes it makes you wonder what life would have been like to just be a pansy and ride the Merry-Go-Round.
When does this hellacious ride end!?
by Matt February 27, 2005
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Girls, they lie, cheat, hoe around town, they pretend they're so sweet and innocent, but they're nothing but lying cheating skanks, who worry about nothing more than hurting other people and what they want, not even about their children. This is girls, not ladies though.
They are all such little girls!

Those girls are such sluts, they need to be ladies.
by I will make you scream! July 21, 2011
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a term of endearment used between good friends. or also can apply when you are not sure of a girl's name.
by ashleyanne4 December 15, 2007
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1.Street term used amongst drugdealers and custees referring to cocaine;Slang word for cocaine.Oppisite of boy,heroin.
2.A young female;Oppisite of boy.
3.Simutaneously the BEST and the WORST
thing God created.
Definition 1:" You got any of that girl."
Definition 2:"That girl is too young to be out here this late."
:"This isn't girl, thats boy!"
by Makne February 20, 2005
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