A boy who's girlfriend uses him like a toy. Typically he has a small penis which she thinks is cute and enjoys playing with it. The girl may bring her toy to a sleepover where her friends bring their toys and they compare them and show each other what their toy's do. Girls who have a toy with a big cock are very proud and like to show their friends how much they can make him shoot. Those who have toys with small dicks usually show how quickly they can cum and sometimes the girls shave him.

These sleepovers are very fun for the girls because they like sharing their toys and seeing who has the biggest cock among them.
My Girlfriend to her friends: "Girls, look at my toy's small dick! I LOVE it because it is fun to play with. Try it!"

*The girls play with my junk and I cum quickly and they giggle at me*

Another girl: "Yeah?! Well my toy has a HUGE cock! Show them Brian!"

*All girls stare in astonishment and make him cum in twenty minutes with a huge load*

My Girlfriend: "Let's shave our toys so they look like little boys!"

All girls: "YAY!"

All boys quietly: "There goes our dignity. We hate being girl's toys."
by Small Junk May 4, 2008
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Barbie's boyfriend Ken. Although Ken denies being a girl's toy in Toy Story 3
Chunk: "What do you expect from a girl's toy?"
by NHRHS2010 November 13, 2010
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Like A Boy Toy Except A Girl Instead. Will do anything for the male even though she knows she is just being used for his pleasure. No intimate connection.

Also see slut, ho, skank
She is just his girl toy. They bang and go about their ways.
by Fine Looking Man May 10, 2006
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A girl who is used by a guy just for his sexual pleasure and fun.
He is dating that girl just because he wants sex, she is nothing more than a girl toy for him
by Facts404 November 6, 2022
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A “Toy Girl” is not dissimilar to a Munch or Boy Toy.

Sometimes shortened simply to “Toy”, this term is predominantly used by the lesbian community to describe a partner, typically submissive, who performs sexual acts without receiving any in return.

These individuals are often inexperienced and are exploring their sexuality via a more experienced and dominant partner.
I’m tired, if I take anyone home tonight, I only want a Toy Girl”

“Now that I have a new Toy I’m not texting my ex anymore”
by KeithSuburban June 12, 2024
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