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Achieving the impossible, despite insurmountable odds. Also used to describe the high one feels after having done the impossible; like selling a friend on the concept of translated Croatian Poetry.
"Dude, we got pulled over, the cop gave me a speeding ticket, and I was two hours late to the fashion awards. But I still managed to hook up with Elle McPherson."

"Total Croatian Poetry Night."
by crowgod December 3, 2007
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Expressing a wish to participate in a sexual activity. Can be inclusive, or exclusionary, depending on context.
"Lisa and I are going to massage each other."
"Ooh, ooh! Can I hold the camera?"

"I am so going to get these three lesbians into bed and show them a good time."
"Dude, you'd probably just end up holding the camera."
by crowgod October 31, 2007
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