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Wow, oh so amazing. : Super sweet and funny. Handsome as Hell; loves his moped. Plays soccer, goalie :P. Just an all out wonderful guy.
"Oh my god. That's your boyfriend?" Nicole said.
"Hell yeah!" Katie exclaimed.
"I'm so jealous..." Nicole whispered.
"Everyone wants to get with Gianmarco." Katie admitted.
"Cause he's so hot!" Nicole shouted for all the world to hear.
"Hahaha, yeah. It's pronounced 'NAIKEEE' Bitch!"
by Insaneee K. February 27, 2008
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A common Italian name; a man with frisson, acts silly and think he's sexy
by zeeksy October 27, 2015
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Someone who is into every fad possible. Extremely two-faced. Type of person who is into prostitution.
Friend 1: "Max just bought a hooker"
Friend 2: "Might as well call him Gianmarco from now on"
by loko1993 December 12, 2010
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A thick white boy who goes to Ronald Reagan high school... you think he’s ugly but actually... yea you’re right he is.... but he’s also thick and loves to argue... hell tell you shit straight up... he’s not gay... very straight in fact... just acts really gay for some odd reason... must be a Reagan thing... he’s a virgin with no experience in the field and just wants appreciation... everyone ridicules him and calls him a fuck boy @miguel @marcial @mauricio @canudo... but that’s not true he’s very loyal I swear... but the rumors ruin things for him... did I mention he’s a god at fortnite
Girl: he’s really cute I should talk to him

Friend: naw I heard he’s a hoe
Girl: oh darn well atleast I can take advantage of him liek everyone else in his life... ima go waste his time for 8 months just to reject him

Friend: he’s pretty good at fortnite though Girl: tu que ... GiAnMaRcO is really thick though
by Silentsavage722 May 27, 2018
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