The king of all poops, in which when one goes to wipe one's nether regions after letting one fly, one discovers much to one's surprise that THERE IS NOTHING ON THE PAPER. The single most satisfying bowel movement that man is capable of.
1: What are you smiling about?

2: Oh nothing, just had...a ghost poop!

1: *stunned silence*
by m luv March 3, 2004
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a poop that mysteriously disappears after plopping into the toilet
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
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Has a few meanings, but i’ll say the most popular one first

1. When you wipe your ass and the toilet paper has little to no shit on it

2. when you shit the biggest one ever and it disappears
P1: Dude, that was a quick shit.. how come?
P2: Ghost poop, dude.
P1: nice.

P: my shit is gone?? i didn’t flush tho!
by DangitBob May 3, 2018
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When you feel the poop coming out of your ass, but when you look in the toilet, it’s not there.
Ugh, I hate ghost poops. They suck.
by nigga dick ass shit penis November 28, 2019
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"I opened up the box and before I knew it there was ghost poop all over the floor."
by eriador April 2, 2007
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Where you need to go to the bathroom so bad thAT THat you could die. You sit on the toilet and.......
1........the poop disapears think your pooping then go to flush the toilet and nothings there.
3........ you had a misterious ghost poop
4........or your butt hole is just cloged
by AUSMOSES February 28, 2009
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After you unload your watse (for the weak-minded, your crap) you take that Charmin Ultra (again for the simpletins, your poop paper) and cleanse your anal (for urbanites, your pooper) and after looking at your art, only THEN you relize, there is no residue there! (for the average-Joes, no poop on the paper)
Saddie- "Yo, Macy get in here! look at my poop!"

Macy- "Dude, look at the paper!"

Saddie- "There's nothin' there! How does that even happen?!"

Macy- "Don't even worry about it, that's just a ghost poop
by Ninja Panda! May 14, 2011
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