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The condition in which one finds themself believing the world around them is ghetto and or the "street lifestyle" Which is and attributes to the closely related condition someone is called when they believe they are of African American descent yet are merely caucasian or of other decent, commonly known as a "Wigger". Symptoms within the specified condition include the liking of music which has lyrics describing street life... ex. Rap or other "Street Music", Clothing may change as well to that of what most people would expect that is advertised or the "Fad" of Ghetto life... but most importantly is the speech in which ones grammer spelling and even spoken word is slurred into slang and street talk or Ghetto speak of sorts.
My Friend Billy who wears sun glasses and baggy torn pants and a large basket ball jersey and listens to Rap with his other friends outside on their porch and complains about his life being on the streets all the time definately has Ghettoitis.
by Fermi August 30, 2007
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The condition of believe you ar from/living in a ghetto. This is especially a problem in Greenfield Indiana where there is no real ghetto.wigger
Man that wigger was some serious ghettoitis
by G-CSoundit September 17, 2005
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