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when one sneaks liquor into a bar and proceeds to take shots with out the establishment knowing in order to either save money or to get as drunk as humanly possible.
"dude, im totally broke. i think im going to sneak a pint into the bar so i can take ghetto shots"
"im trying to black out at this bar. lets bring our own liquor to maximize intoxication"
by ManWithTheTan February 28, 2010
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"Ghetto Shot" the destruction of one's pantalones' via the spillage of one's pride, dignity, or otherwise, ironicly via the spillage of one's pride, dignity or otherwise.

common symptoms of the Ghetto Shot include, but are not exempt to, having your night over, having to sit the next couple of plays out, never getting laid again and becoming infertile. in rare, extreme circumstances, the deportation of said person to africa may occur, should said spillage be significant enough to warrant the end of the eternal drought that befell central and southern africa ever since they rejected diplomacy, and any other common values of a dignified, modern province.
Shewny Bewx -

"OMG i just spilt aproximately the volume of O.J. Simpson's testicles in Jack all over my chino's!!!"

Bosh and Mike -

"Your night's officially over Shaewn, it's best you go home and sit the next couple of plays out. G out brud'.. "

Shewny Bewx -

"you're right you guys, it was nice knowing you....."


by MIOKEMOI August 21, 2008
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