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She is the prettiest nicest sweetest beautifulest most flawless girl you can find she is caring and loving towards everybody. ghalia is an arabic which means precious and she sure is precious. any guy would be luck to be near her to be her friend. she is a loyal and trustworthy person.
I love ghalia she is amazing i would love to be with her
by momo3253 June 25, 2013
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Ghalia is an Arabic name (Girl Name)
Ghalia means expensive in Arabic

and Its source is an Arabic expression meaning "valuable."
it may alsaw mean Precious

The meaning of the name is valuable.

Ghalia is rare as a baby girl name. It is not ranked within the top 1000.

Baby names that sound like Ghalia

This girl's name is used in Arabic
They named there new baby girl Ghalia .
Ghalia is sleeping.
by Lia96 January 28, 2012
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Ghalia is an Arabic name that means “precious” and she sure is precious guys fight for her she is hot af she is an ashta b3assal like hot af sexy all the guys would want her she is loving sweet caring smart sexy amazing girl you should be lucky to have her because she is very special and last but not least a gold digger and very sexy very hot really sexy. ASHTA B3ASSAL
Ghalia is so smart?
i’m going out on a date with Ghalia tomorrow.
by ashtab3assal December 14, 2018
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Ghalia means expensive - and if you find a Ghalia, keep her, because she’s expensive and one of a kind. She is not like any girl you will meet. So different, in a good way. Sure, you may find her annoying - but she’s amazing. She cares about you. She falls in love easily - and that’s good. She had a sensitive heart so do not break it.

Love it, like it loves you. But just because she’s a softie on the inside, it does not mean that she will not stand up for herself because she’s strong. She can hold herself up, but everyone needs a partner. To stay with her and support her.

You will see Ghalia grow into an amazing woman and you won’t regret it.
I just met the most awesome person. She’s perfect, I swear. Her name is Ghalia.
by Soph L March 14, 2019
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