A word made popular by the Korean Netflix show “Squid Game”. To be honest, no one really knows what it really means. It isn’t even a Korean word, but some say its a word to refer to very close friends of yours who are also in your neighbourhood.
Player 001: We are now gganbu

Player 456: k
Moments after, they play a game to decide which one of them dies
by assumptionknightinahoodie October 2, 2021
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Hey Jon, did you know Kyle and Max both smashed Amber? They’re Gganbu now!
by GeigerLibertad October 3, 2021
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Considered the "Rarest and Strongest type of male", the Gganbu male is based on the popular Netflix show Squid Game it's the type of male that define the main character Seong Gi-hun. This is the type of male that manage to succed in everything in life without even having any characteristic of an Alpha male. What is particular about him is that a Gganbu male only reveal his true powers after a hard moment in his life such as how Seong Gi-hun only reveal his Gganbu characteristics after he joined the Squid Game
- Have you seen how Seong Gi-hun manage to win every game in Squid game
- Yeah he is so much of a Gganbu Male
by Speweh October 13, 2021
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