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When someone makes a definition for a term used in CS, they have managed to make a good game of their nubbish lives.
gg nub you made a definition for gg nub. gg nub.
by Abraxas January 26, 2004
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something used in cs in sarcasm to a complete nub(nick evans). Also, used when someone does somehting completley stupid.
Brian you freaking nub how did you get your car suck in my yard. GG nub.
by deke December 18, 2003
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Sure you know what gg means..same as nub..Some people that i know use gg to mean Golden Grain..the drink..we always play games drunk so when you need
DUDE!!!! You just got PiZzOwNeD!! GGNUB.YOU NEED GG..31337
by Joe Chance December 21, 2004
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