Verb. When one rubs a white substance(jizz) to cover up an existing facade (face).
Chuck decided that the only way to update Kyle's appearance was to give him an immaculate German schmear.
by Wealcattty October 15, 2017
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When you are ass fucking a chick doggie style, and after pulling out, you wipe the shit of your dick and schmear it across her upper lip, former a 'Hitler' stash.
"I surprised my one-night stand with a German schmear... I haven't heard from her since."
by German Schmear April 21, 2022
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The purulent discharge which drains from a vagina infected with khlamydia.
Linda’s husband knew she was committing infidelity when he saw the German schmear stained on her underwear.
by Butterskotch Barbie June 29, 2021
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