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One who has a great appreciation (and often, anal relations, pisser-to-pooper) for the elderly form.
"You know Mark, I had a great time raiding your grandma the other night"
"Hush your mouth dude, you're such a geriaphile"
by Rob Chancewood January 15, 2008
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A jailbait teen who plunders nursery homes looking for withered man-flesh.
Gella went to Rockdale and got herself an 87 year old man-toy. She is such a geriaphile.
by gella222 April 22, 2009
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A distinct proclivity and sexual attraction toward the elderly by a significantly younger person
Teen a: Dude, what shall we do today?

Teen b: Dude, let's go to your grandmother's again!

Teen a: Again?! Anyone would think you were a geriaphile the way you go on!
by Eternal Requiem December 10, 2009
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