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The way people tend to want their homes or clothes to be like everyone else. Lack of individuality or self expression
I was at their new home last night, they committed genericide on their living room.

I just watched HGTV and saw seven consecutive shows committing genericide

They just installed granite countertops, another kitchen gone to genericide
by Joe Incao February 16, 2008
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A unique marketing predicament where a particular brand of a product becomes so common or dominant, its brand name becomes the generic term for the entire product category. Examples include Kleenex, Vaseline, Xerox, Windex and WD-40. Some trademarks have actually lost their legal protection in the U.S, including Aspirin, Thermos and zipper.
#1: "Hand me a Kleenex, would you please? I'm all stuffed up."

#2: "These are Puffs. Shouldn't you say 'facial tissue'?"

#1: "I just say Kleenex for all of them. The brand has committed genericide. Now just give me the damn Kleenex already, my nose is dripping!"
by drm310 May 24, 2011
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