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A beautiful topic on quizup consisting of half edgy and annoying people and nice peeps.

Fandom people are here often too.
Wh, yee, and oh are used often.

GN is the abbreviation.
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A topic on the mobile app quizup. It was a formerly thriving society of competent individuals in the years between 2015-2017, which quickly turned into a desolate landscape after someone dropped a large nuke on the entire topic in 2018. When this happened several of the former inhabitants left and the ones that stayed mutated to fit the radiated environment. The post nuke era of the topic now consists of mostly Libtards, 14 year old pseudo intellectuals, weeaboos that have only watched My Hero academia and Death Note, and some surviving members of "the good ol' days" as they word it. All of them write like a dyslexic person playing Googly Eyes by Goliath and post terrible memes they found on Ifunny.
Person 1: Hey, have you ever been on General Nonsense?
Person 2: Why would I ever want to go on that glorified Tumblr?
by Kaosmaker August 19, 2019
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