Genecktegesoink, a faux, meaningless Yiddish word invented by non-Jew Mike Myers, on the Saturday Night Live sketch "Coffee Talk", that is now being adopted by Jews.
"OK now, this show used to be hosted by my friend Paul Baldwin, but he developed shpilkis in his genechtagazoink. So now he's in Boca Raton, Florida recovering nicely, thank you very much."
by Big Dan T October 11, 2009
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One of the Krusty the Clown's body parts that mobsters beat up. If you don't watch the Simpsons, Krusty is Jewish.
-From that episode of the Simpsons where Homer takes over for Fat Tony and his son wants to be a cook
Ow! My schnoz! My punim! My pupik! My genechtagazoink!
by yeyyay December 03, 2006
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