A female that identifies as a male homosexual, who is attracted to men.
"Hey, are you into dudes?," said the smokin' hot (gemale) babe.
by hecks July 31, 2010
Gemal is a kind hearted man coming in at 5”6.9 he is the tallest of all the Gemals to exist. His girl cheats on him continuously but he can’t do anything about it because she’s taller than him.
How tall are you?
10 year old girl: I’m Gemals height
by PudhiDestroyer November 23, 2021
A little racist , sexist , homphobic prick who quite actually nice and supports all genders and races and their sexuality.
You're such a Gemale dude.
by GemaleWasfuxkingtaken March 22, 2021