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Another name for coffee, usually (but not necessarily) in a less-than-premium state.
We're gonna need a lot of geekwater to get those TPS reports out on time!
by Aupajo June 30, 2007
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The biproduct of sitting in a leather computer chair all day where your sweat drains to puddle on or around your butt.
<Geek> I've been sitting here all day in a puddle of geekwater writing computer code!
by [GUNr]RocketGib October 17, 2006
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Mountain Dew;
Term best described used in sci-fi or anime conventions. To keep "geeks" up all night with all the caffiene in it.
At the comic book convention the nerds had to drink all the geek water.
by HybridAzn May 20, 2003
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