Someone who does not enjoy being outside and would rather spend their time reading comics and playing video games. Not to be confused with nerds, not all geeks are smart. Some can be dumb and or average. Most geeks have a very big knowledge base of fiction.
Geek 1: Oh my god did you hear they're turning Captain America into a Hydra agent?
Geek 2: Yeah *pursues to rant on how Marvel is basically running out of ideas*
by GeneralMars 98 March 19, 2017
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To indulge in a large amount of drugs and reach a state known as geeking. In this state you will laugh at practically everything and will act erratically.
I pop me 2 pills and get geeky.
by g00chwater February 07, 2017
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I wrote an article discussing how to define geek: www.geekwishlists.com/geekdefinition
When I was growing up I used to geek out over Star Wars.
by MasterNiko February 07, 2018
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A verb for getting high. Most notably used by hip-hop/ rap legend, Smokepurpp, in his modern day classic "I Geek Alot".
Damn, i geek alot, I'm always off xanax and lean....
by Paula Ung May 09, 2018
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To geek. To be exasperated in a positive or negative way. To be overwhelmed with emotion.

To geek.
To be geeked.
“Yo my dad was screaming and yelling at me!”

“Yeah I was geeked!”

“OMG Lucas dm’d me!!”
“No shit girl! Don’t geek! Stay cool!”
“To late! Already geekin!”
by WavvyWitch November 05, 2017
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Geek is an an acronym of "Goodytwoshoes Encounters Empathetic Kings". This means this is the geek's cultural premise for being the pain in the ass that they are.
"Only a geek would explain to the world what the word 'geek's acronym is."
by panic oasis October 16, 2016
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