Geechy (most commonly spelled Geechee or less often Geechie) is a name historically given to and associated with the dialect of English spoken by white people of the South Carolina low country especially in the region between Georgetown and Beaufort. A typical "Geechee" is from a family that has long resided in the area and acquired the dialect and accent in the home. There has been a movement lately to incorrectly include Geechee as a part of the "Gullah" dialect spoken by the descendants of African-American slaves in the same region and their associated culture. The geechee dialect is sometimes humorously referred to as "Charlestonese"sincec the region it is most commonly spoken is centered around Charleston, SC.
Please see Jim Reeves book titled "A Dictionary of Charlestonese" where you will find the following definitions and examples of the Geechy dialect:

Zone: his own. Toy: a piece of cloth you tie around your neck, i.e. a tie.

Example: Dass Papazone nick toy.
by Beanyeah November 30, 2009
Without too much of a history lesson, a Geechee or Geechie (not Geechy) person is someone of a Gullah descent. Gullah is the mixture of the English and African languages, that was spoken by slaves who were required to learn english, but still didn't want the masters to know exactly what they were saying. However, unlike the Gullah link indicates, Gullah was actually widespread along the coast. It may have originated in Charleston, but there are many gullah civilizations located right in Beaufort, SC. The Geechee language is the derivative of Gullah, that has a creole, southern, and carribean twang to it. It still chops up the English language like Gullah, allowing someone to say more with less words, or eliminate excessive mouth movement.

The Geechee language plays a large part in the culture, which is better left for a definition to itself. The largest, active Geechee culture is located in Charleston, SC and it's surrounding areas, and proudly celebrated through such festivals as Moja Arts and Spoleto. There is also a booth in Northwoods Mall, N. Charleston, that sells the clothing line, Geechee Gear. Such history can be discovered with a simple Google search. Although there's not enough people to make it a noticeable presence, the Geechee culture does stretch down the southern coast, touching Beaufort, SC, Savannah, GA, and other cities/towns down into Florida.

The most similar relation to a Charleston accent is that of the Caribbeans (though not nearly as strong) or New Orleans.
Geechy, should be Geechee/ie

I is normally used instead of I'm:
I'm about to go to the store = "I gointoda sto", which doesn't require any mouth movement whatsoever.

e = he/she/it/his/her
Ex. I ain know where e gone at.
Ex. That girl still sleep wit e thumb in e mout.

yah/chea = here
chern = children

The letter "i" is often pronounced as "u":
fifty cents becomes "fufty cent"

The pronounciation of the letter "a" is stressed:
"Boy go ahead" sounds like, "Boy go heaaaad, boy!"
"Get out my face" sounds like, "Get out my fay-ace, now!"
by JuiceMan July 24, 2006
when somebody weird or lame as hell
friend 1: don’t bring shorty ass around no mo his ass a straight geech

friend 2: on bro geechie asl
by niyahsavv February 17, 2021
Geechie is a term commonly referring to the African descendants of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia,and Senegal who reside on coastal South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Geechie people often have a thick accent referred to as Gullah, and are commonly mistaken for Jamaicans by those who aren't familiar. Geechie people have rich culture and are increasing taking measures to preserve their heritage.
Many geechie people of Charleston, SC actively practice the art of sweetgrass basket weaving.
by Relly Coakley Jefferson November 2, 2007
Miles he’s a rim protector why the fuck are you forcing shots, you always doing some geechy ass shit.
by It’s soul June 4, 2019
People who reside on the coast of the Carolina's and Georgia, born and raised lowcountry southerners
We're just a bunch of fun lovin Geechi boys.
by JohnJones22 October 24, 2017
Person #1: Hey you see that guy over there?
Person #2: Yeah I see him, what about him?
Person#1: Dudes a fucking geechi
by Defined1 June 8, 2020