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Persona insoportable, pesada, que causa molestia
'El flaco no paraba de hablarme, estaba re gede'
by Koicitha October 22, 2013
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Normally used as a middle name or 'nick name'. Abreviated form of the name 'Gerard'. Gede's are very funny, good looking males who are very smart and have alot of friends and a great sense of humour. They are great at all sports that involve land. eg, sprinting, boxing, but not as strong off the land. eg, swimming, rock climbing. They usually have a large penis and are commonly Gemini's.
"Did you see Gede who won all the track events at the sports carnival? I saw him in the shower, he was a horse! His penis could choke a small mammal!" He was so funny, he started doing 'the helicopter' with his dick.
by parra eels March 06, 2009
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