GDI: An acronym for a non-fraternal individual who dislikes fraternites. A person who maintains an unnecessary and unfair negative opinion about men in a fraternity or similar greek organization. A poor soul forever damnned to the second social teir, that is, one below the social tier of a fraternity member. One who cannot understand the bond between fraternity brothers, and thus passes it off as "gay," insisting that fraternity men "buy their friends." An ignorant, depressed, pathetic individual who spends his Saturday nights drinking warm Giorgi's from a plastic cup in his dorm room, and then goes home to tell his buddies in high school how crazy college life is. A bitter, vengeful loser who lacks any social skills beyond those required to sucker free entry into a fraternity-sponsored event. The wierd red-headed kid who shows up at 2:30am to suck the last life out of your keg without paying, and then bad-mouths you behind your back. The skinhead tat-monkeys who stand outside 7-11 with their cut off combat vests, and bitch to the other townies about how pussy, college-going frat-boys are ruining their summers. The kids who talk a good fight until you point out that the other 30 guys at the bar are your fraternity brothers. A GDI does not get laid, but instead maintains that he is a sexual animal, who "just doesn't like sorority girls..." A GDI is a jealous, cold, closed-minded ultra-liberal with self-superiority convictions and an inability to exist comfortably without bashing people generally better than themselves to boost self esteem. A GDI is most of all a coward, who will smile and pay 5 dollars to drink all night, and then start a fight with someone in your house just for the hell of it. A GDI has friends, but only because he's not the only poor bastard playing connect-four in the common room at 3am on a weekend. A GDI is anyone who feels that a fraternity is gang filled with rapists and is completely devoid of morals. A GDI is a hypocrite, a liar, and a no-talent ass clown without dreams or aspirations beyond fucking another ugly girl this weekend...

God Damn Independents...
My buddy Tommy isn't in a fraternity, but he understands what we're about. Whereas Mark is just a fucking GDI.

That kid just tried to nip our Grey Goose, what a fucking GDI.

GDI's are just a bunch of fucko's.
by Umanoff August 13, 2006
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Also known as a dorm rat. A student that for whatever reason, wants no part of the greek system. They oftentimes sit alone in their dorms on weekends wondering whats going on in the outside world. They have a distinct unfounded hostility toward Greeks, but never hesitate to leach off of them, such as drinking their beer, or attending parties, from which they always end up going home alone. Many of them get all of their information on Greek life from TV and movies, they never bother to do any actual research. According to them, Greeks are "losers who have to pay for their friends." It never occured to them that one of their favorite celebrities is very likely a greek. It never occured to them that a "frat boy" could someday turn out to be, say, some of the greatest athletes/coaches of all time(Michael Jordan, Shaq, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Orel Hershiser, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Larry Brown, Mike Ditka, Tiger Woods, Jesse Owen, Troy Aikman, Lou Gehrig, just to name a few), some of the most famous actors/entertainers(Elvis Presley, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Bob Hope, Brad Pitt, Matt Groening, Steven Spielberg, Warren Beaty, Tom Selleck, Ron Jeremy, Paul Newman, Merv Griffin, Danny Thomas, James Dean, Harrison Ford, John Wayne, just to name a few), (Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Jesse Jackon, Nelson Mandela, 85% of US Supreme Court Justices, 76% of the Nations senators, all but two US presidents since 1825), a famous astronaut(everybody on the Apollo 11 crew), a famous business owner(43 of the 50 largest corporations in the nation are headed by "frat boys"), or even their mommy and daddy's boss. According to studies, only about half of GDI's end up graduating college, as opposed to 71% of Greeks.
That kid went GDI after getting blackballed by 2 fraternities.
by TKE468 January 02, 2006
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Essentially indicates that there is nothing for which Greek people cannot come up with a particular label.

Fabulous at being apparently unable to handle ambiguity or individuality of any variety, the term GDI is a universal label applied to all college students who choose not to participate in the Greek system.

Whether the apparent obsession with labeling everything belies rampant intellectual laziness (given that it's easier to casually label things with a broad brush than to learn about them as individuals), extreme insecurity expressed in a fear of what is "different" from a certain perspective, or both is an open question.

Either way, the same mentality extends beyond the categorization of the college social structure to brand names (are you a Chanel girl? an Abercrombie man? an Alpha-Delta-Zeta or a Kappa-Gamma-Blamma?), and beyond that to even more insidious forms of labeling, such as racism.

However, it all likely comes down to extreme insecurity being expressed in one particular way; label everything, achieve nothing, derive self-esteem instead from trying to look down upon anyone whom you define as an A instead of an B.
What's your label?


I mean, what Sorority are you in?

None, I'm a human, an individual one even

No you're a GDI
by Alpha-Delta-Delta November 21, 2009
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God Damn It. A publicly acceptable way of saying God Damn It without offending anyone. If necessary, you can lie and say the G is for Gosh.
i have to work at 7 in the morning ... GDI
*burnt something you're cooking.. awww GDI!
by purplecheese April 07, 2011
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God Damn Independent
Someone who leaches off the frat system, comes to parties, drinks fraternity beer, and goes home alone. They like to think that fraternity men "pay" for friends, but they can't possibly know, they weren't good enough to get in a fraternity to begin with.
Someone kick the GDI out of here, he's drinking all the beer and scaring the women.
by WFUBaller September 19, 2005
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Someone who's highlight of life thus far was the dvd release of finding nemo. Seen rarely in its natural habitat as few dare to venture into its sausage-fest dorm hole. Never known to slay box, or consume frat-water. Spends weekends playing halo and consuming mass quantities of hot-pockets and mountain dew. Known to study and NEVER party.
Be extremly cautious around this species as inherently fratty gentleman have been known to cause head-explosions.
Common test prep of a GDI:
Frat - Locate test bank
GDI - Locate all optional and supplemental readings

Frat - Invite sorostitute to frat castle for intense study session of French wine & human anatomy
GDI - Skip playing Halo 3 and begin memorizing all the chapters of the textbook

Frat - Have pledges recite old exams from the test bank while you spit skoal at them & watch Wednesday Night Baseball. Then, hit the bars.
GDI - Have Halo 3 GDI buddies review your flash cards with you. Then, hit the bottom bunk of your dorm room

Frat - Thanks to the test bank & the hot sorostitute to your right, finish the exam in under 30 minutes. Shoot a mini while walking out of the classroom.
GDI - Have nervous breakdown after none of optional material is tested, and fail to complete exam. Soil cargo shorts while walking out of the classroom.

Frat - Purposely kill brain cells
GDI - Locate all optional and supplemental readings for next exam

Frat - A . . . job is lined up for you after graduation.
GDI - C . . . what life is like bagging my groceries.
by FrattingHard April 23, 2009
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