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noun...The inability to control ones self from randomly bursting show tunes and musical numbers out loud.
I was running around the apppartment spouting off random musical numbers....I appologized to my roomate and staid excuse me I have gay tourettes
by service tech June 01, 2009
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when a gay man has a sudden outburst of acting or saying something so gay and so obnoxious it can only be compared to Tourettes
Ryan was in the cafeteria and got excited talking about his new Target Curtains, that he had an attack of gay tourettes and shouted "they are FABULOUS"
by crzybehr69 December 29, 2011
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Someone who verbally points out anything he perceives as ridiculous or dumb as "gay," as if it were a verbal tick.
Person 1: (Points at a merry-go-round) Ha, gay! That ride's for kids, and gay lovers...

Person 2: wtf u talkin bout bruh? u always rode the merry go round all the time wit yo momma til you were 12...
Person 1: yo momma's gay! and you know what? that ride over there too is gay...
Person 2: dude you got gay tourettes...
by CannedBread June 02, 2016
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