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When you sit down somewhere (usually in a movie theater) and purposely leave an extra seat between you and a person of the same sex so as not to appear gay.
Dude, leave me a gay buffer! You are so close to me you're practically sucking my dick.
by tkearns December 08, 2002
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The unused urinal(s) between two males when the extra capacity could be used. Most men would rather wait for someone to finish then have their penis in glancing distance of another man to avoid any assumptions of homosexuality.
Male 1: Why don't you just use the urinal between them?
Male 2: I need my gay buffer, I don't want them to looking at my dick.
by Pearlsea July 14, 2010
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When two straight bro's are forced to sleep in the same bed on an overnight stay at a hotel; extra pillows are placed between them creating a gay buffer.
Joe: Hey Jon, there's only one bed.

Jon: No problem bro, I'll call the front desk for some gay buffers.

Joe: Sweet! Good thinking. Now let's go creep for some strange, I'm itchy!
by Keeley on the Rotisserie February 22, 2014
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Elderly male, usually gay or imputedly gay. Elderly male living alone so assumed to be gay by those with no other knowledge of him.

Derived from English slang for elderly male "old buffer"; 'buffer' being an industrial employment in metalworking.
Him? He lives in that house on his own, guess he's a gay buffer.
by MoLincs July 11, 2010
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