4 definitions by MadoffBins

Big money getting steppa
Finesser of all trades

You can a jwetta listening to Jwett Bible .
Also can be found on YouTube
That boy has a the jwetts . He’s a jwetta
I don’t need any handouts; ima a jwetta
by MadoffBins November 22, 2021
Yo zb I got the jwett ..

Whassup zb, what’s the jwett?

Yoo kid was down bad now he got the jwett; he’s up !
by MadoffBins November 22, 2021
Big Rovers
Big 240

A Group of solid sanctioned individuals that get money, respect .. nothing comes before respect .

Death before Dishonor
240 it’s always 240

240 days 240 ways

If they have money, power and jwett; they have to be 240.
by MadoffBins November 23, 2021
To think or act highly of self

High Caliber
One in gods image but of gods son
you seen how gawdy I looked after I recieved that award ?

That guy is top of his class; he’s gawdy .
by MadoffBins November 22, 2021