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A term for a bag of pure gas; the absolute best, strongest smelling weed that is sure to get you high as fuck.
We only smoke gas packs, none of that boof shit is allowed here.
by PlayboiPurpp February 28, 2018
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the stinkiest of stink, comparable only to Power Pack.
"Marcusopened the zip& it smelled like a skunk had 3 babies in there.. & they all died defensively. gas pack!"
by Magnet0 February 14, 2014
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Something that is gas as fuck, for example a loud ass bag of weed or just something that’s good as fuck you call that shit gas pack
Yo TKO, pass me those oatmeal cream pies they gas pack. Fuck yea bro let’s gas up i got that loud gas
by micahpeewee69 March 23, 2019
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