Spongebob's pet snail, who might be smarter than Spongebob. 🐌
Is your favorite character on Spongebob Gary the Snail?
by Rikerlicious January 26, 2015
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To drag your sweaty balls across a woman's face leaving a slime trail, similarly to Gary the Snail from Spongebob when he leaves slime trails.
"Damn dude I Gary The Snailed that hoe"
"What's does that mean?"
"I dragged by sweaty nuts across her face and left a slime trail"

by Fellowyellow420 November 17, 2020
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A manouver in which a girl finishes riding your face and dismounts by sliding her vagina across your whole face, leaving a trail of slime like a snail.
John: " Hey bro, How did your date with Ashley go" ?
Blake: " It was cool dude, she stayed the night".
John: " Nice you gonna see her again"?
Blake: " IDK bro she hit me with that Gary the Snail".
John: " Gross".
by NickNeezy July 1, 2019
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The act of a woman rubbing her wet vagina on a mans body from neck to penis leaving a residue like Gary the snail.
Can't wait for her to Gary The Snail my chest.
by ReaperJK April 30, 2021
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