Decent actor and father of Jake Busey. Seems to be more than a little crazy in more ways than one. Did a lot of drugs and hit his head very hard in a motor cycle accident. Believes he had a conversation with Death personified and in alien conspiracies. Amusingly he is also a registered pastor of sorts. Most people agree he's a bit of a nutjob, including his son, but that he's a well meaning, funny guy.
Most recent projects include an acting appearance in the videogame Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the TV show I'm With Busey on Comedy Central. The latter does an excellent job of illustrating his behavior.
by JFern May 15, 2004
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a general store manager for the taco bell in the hampshire mall, in amherst MA. looks exactly like gary busey.
hey, that dude looks like gary busey.. what?
by adam bailin April 17, 2004
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The property of being obnoxiously ugly such as Gary Busey.
Damn look at that wench! She's a total Gary Busey!!
by RatBastard July 15, 2004
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Pertaining to a state in which one holds a capricious - but nonetheless strong - liking, inclination or desire. Usually used with a meaningless modifier such as all, totally, or mad.

See also: Busey
"I'm glad we stopped here to eat. I've been Gary Busey for their pizza all week"

"He's totally Busey for her; he writes about her every day in his blog"
by ThePants May 28, 2005
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Actor whos the craziest funniest burnout there is!!!
Actuall Gary Busey quote;
I could tell by the quadrangle of the verbs used in your sentence.

Other person;
by Jag III November 14, 2004
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A person who drinks/drugs often and as a byproduct speaks to in animate objects.
Hey, look at that cat over there talkin to the cereal. He is such a Gary Busey.
by Teepeetree November 13, 2017
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