3 definitions by Teepeetree

1.) An extremely unfunny comedian who's hit TV show depended on the excellent acting skills of every other character in the show as well as the writing contributions of Larry David.

2.) Anyone who gets to the top by riding on the coattails of others and claims they are the sole reason for their success.
Steve Jobs was such a Jerry Seinfeld. Good thing he's dead.
by Teepeetree November 13, 2017
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An inverted penis and tiny ball sack resembling female genitalia.
Tom only screws the ladies in the dark with a strap on. Even though he has a pussypeter he keeps it real.
by Teepeetree November 10, 2017
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A person who drinks/drugs often and as a byproduct speaks to in animate objects.
Hey, look at that cat over there talkin to the cereal. He is such a Gary Busey.
by Teepeetree November 13, 2017
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