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Garuns originated in Brighton, UK from the high school Varndean College Brighton.

Garuns is an abbreviation of the word "Guaranteed" originally used by the "Chavs" aka "nutters" of varndean school however it soon caught on to the rest of the city by either people using it in mockery or purely enjoying the great phrase. There have been many variations on the origin of this linguistic phenomenon, the most prominent of these say it is derived from a miss-cue of Gary Berkoff's mum, calling him "Garyuns". This however is most probably an urban legend, as is Gary himself.

There was an uproar about how Garuns was to be spelt, some (the clever ones) wanted Garuns to be spelt Guarans claiming as it originated from the word guaranteed it should be spelt in the same manner, however this just didn't happen as most people tended to write it as "Garuns" simply because guaranteed is a hard word to spell. Another break off from this is the so called 'msn' spelling of the word; namely "Garenz".

The people who most frequently use the word and who (disputably) claim to own the word are - Hobbie, Easty, Matt Watts, Sonny Ball, Joe Howell etc. Garuns can be used in almost any context, can be randomly added into a sentence or can be substituted for any word.

For example-

"Look at the size of my Garuns", "Pass me the Garuns", "She is a Garuns", "Did you Garuns it?", "Did you Garuns finish the homework", "I need to finish my specifigaruns", "lets mish it to the kebarens shop", "where's my Garuns?" etc. There are also many variations of the word Garuns.
A - Anti Garuns

B - Baruns (Bored Garuns)

Blaruns (Portmanteau of Blatantly and Garuns) - Originally created by a one "Mr. Doohan" and R.E lesson whilst extracting the Michael (or "Taking the mikey") from Christine Taylor.

Branus - Brag garrenz

C - claruns (classically Garuns)

D - Daruns (Dragon med Garuns) / definite Garuns

E - Earuns (edible Garuns) / (eggy Garuns)

F - faruns (fit Garuns) / Fetch Garuns

G - Glaruns (Gloriously Garuns) - Courtesy of Laurie Searle

H - haruns (hat Garuns) / (house Garuns)

I - iaruns (impossibly Garuns)

J - jaruns (justified Garuns)

K - Karuns (cool Garuns)

L - laruns (Larry Garuns) / (luxuriously Garuns)

M - Maruns (Majorly Garuns) - Only to be used in extreme (or Extreme to the miax) circumstances. E.g. "She is a maruns". / (Marvelous Garuns)

N - naruns (never garuns) / (not garuns) / (nocturnal garuns)

O - oaruns (obviosly garuns)

P - paruns (police garuns) / (partly garuns) / (Proper garuns; as in brup)

Q - quaruns (questionably garuns)

R - raruns (rapidly garuns) / running garuns / ringer garuns / ROFL!

S - Saruns (Suspiciously Garuns) / (Sexy Garuns) SH - Sharuns ( SHit Garuns!)/Shweeeeeeeeeruns (in really high voice)no meaning?

T - taruns (the old night garuns)

U -Uber/Ultra Garuns (meaning it is especially garunsed, to the extent of inexplicability)

V - varuns (viciously garuns)

W - waruns (windily garuns) / (Wildly Garuns)

X - xxx garuns (porn garuns) / (X-ray Garuns)

Y - yaruns (yogurtly garuns)/ yaruns (yapping on garuns)

Z - zaruns (zezima garuns) / (Zebra Garuns)

@- The tit monkey of all the garuns H!p! (Who wrote that?! What a naruns)

The Garuns dictionary was invented by Hobbie, Easty, Wattsy and Sonny Ball and

Thank you, -Alex Wells (A Maruns amongst naruns)

Many thanks to "big al" for producing such a wonderful article. (hobbie)
by loujoal May 13, 2008
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Pronounced: GA-RUNS
A shortend version of garunteed, used when something is really good. Can also be a replacement for any word, used because you feel like saying GARUNS!
Mostly used by chavs/townies/nutters/jesus
Example 1-
Man: Check this out... *Points at something really fantasmic* (see fantasmic)

Jesus: ah Garuns!

Example 2- (when you just feel like saying garuns)

Jesus: Oi you! Check out the size of my garuns!

Man: Garuns!
by poopa April 11, 2006
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