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sexxxxyyyy. tempermental, constanly male pms-ing, loves metallica. guitar GOD. looks better in converse and doesnt like dark blue jeans...he's a fuckin smartass but pretty easy to love. needs constant adrenaline fix. craves dopamine. can be found in the woods clutching a bow, beware of his arrows, they are poison. jack of all trades, much the manly man. (he can fix my toilet if i need it.) no short hair allowed in his bed and everything he has, he loses alot. (permastoned.) formerly rocked a mullet, is a meat-potatoe-hot sauce kinda man and can whip up a badass canned chicken quesadilla. bestfriend is a black belted giant. beware.
person: "hey man. what the fuck is that? (points to obscenely large pile of red food.)

beastly man friend: "garrin-casserole."
by the crycket July 06, 2011
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