stuffing your face as usual.

I gotta have a good meal

Garfield, you fat cat you are so big and fat why are you so fat

I eat, Jon. it's what I do

it's time to kick odie of the table

dont do it garfielf, that's our pet dog odie

you're going into orbit, you stupid mutt


time for a nap. I'm a cat who loves to snooze

garfield you lazy cat

I hate alram clocks

I'm am hungry I want some lasaga

you're eating us out of house and home, garmfield

enough with The Chit Chat let's get some grub going

Grub time...

where Are the 3-cheese pizzas

I ate those food

where Are the taco shells?

I ate those food

where did all the hamburger helper go

You're such a bad kitty that's it I've had it with you that does it i'm done that's the last straw grarfileld

by Macroplanet May 25, 2021
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Ironic and overexaggerated name of cat Garfield, from the video meme "garfielf". Used in a satiric way, to sum up, persons laziness and insulting indifference.
You "garfielf " useless moron
by wasodert October 19, 2017
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