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A gangstalker is a coward who refuses to address his or victim in person, or even by phone or email. The gangstalker uses guerrilla tactics and has a mob-mentality. Most of the time a gangstalker is victimizing someone who he or she has never met, or has possibly met in the distant past (such as during gradeschool or even earlier).

A gangstalker is similar to a gang member, except the gangstalker typically attacks his or her victims online, or by organizing interference at the mall or wherever.

A gangstalker may:
-Feel inferior to most human beings and is attempting to make himself or herself feel better by deriding and derailing someone else.
-Be a celebrity flunkee, out to rob material from the victim for the celeb's next album, book, movie or whatever.
-Believe the victim is, or will soon be, posing a threat to their lifestyle (such as a separatist, or a bisexual, or a rich bum).
-Simply be a sadist.
-Be seeking seeking revenge against someone whom they mistakenly associate with their own pain.

The gangstalker often commits felonious acts of stalking, mail and wire fraud, computer hacking, gossip and slander, defamation of character, etc. in order to drive the victim into a state of insanity and thus disable him or her and remove them from society. (This technique is also called gaslighting.) Hacking into e-based technology is now the easiest way to flashmob or cause interference against the victim, but other forms of gangstalking do exist.
"Let's get people from ____'s social media page and convert them to our gang..."
"I know a dirty cop, so _____ will get put in the mental institution or the slammer!"
"I is a gangstalker, and proud of dat!"
by xtrovrt April 15, 2014
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A follower with low self-esteem and self worth, that exudes homosexual activity along with Bitchness(being a bitch). By obsessing over another individual with a group of like minded citiZens.
I'm a gangstalker, can we recruit you?

-Fuck no faggott as bitch, I'm not worried about what some dude is doing all the time.
by Sciipio January 28, 2019
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