a group of people normally age 8-35 who are affiliated through symbols slangs and a pledge that fight to gain status through violence, corruption, and drug sales.
BGD - blacc, silver, white 6 point

crip - blu 6 point

Latin King and BGD gangs are supreme
by J-steel April 20, 2006
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A group of close people that run in a pack. Usually once your in a gang and past the initiation, you'll only escape the gang thru death. Gangs represent themselves with certain colors, hand signs, symbols, and clothing. Commit violent acts against betrayers and members of rival gangs. ex: Drive-by shootings (even if its a rival's momma's house), fighting, knife-fights, shoot-outs, etc. Also can be vandilists to homes, public places, etc. leaving their gang symbol to "represent" or as a calling-card to a rival.
Crips and tha bloods. 2 of the most violent and feared gangs in America. #1 city they reside in: Los Angeles.
by Heatha September 16, 2003
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Multiple people regrouping to do a lot of things togheter. Most likely to be criminal but they usually stay togheter and chill.
All these gangs in the streets.
by Young_Thug March 21, 2015
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im a believer in being good so if you dont like it stop reading now. however, gangs are terrorist fronts. latin kings are among the worst. there once was an instance where a latin king girl tried something on me and i read into it so easily she had to be so dumb. latin kings are going down.
gangs like the latin kings, bloods and crips are all terrorist fronts. ms13 are do badders.
by drewwwww August 21, 2006
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gangs are a group of people who get togather and hang out but just they use violence
a cuple well known gangs:Ms-13, vice Lords ,cobras, homeboyz,gd,and my favorite KINGS(LKN)
by Andrea (A.K.A)Drea January 25, 2006
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