Über pwnage in a bottle.
this one time, i drank a whole two liter of game fuel and i woke up at 4 in the o'clock in a field with an xbox controller in my hand.
by Gamefuler October 7, 2007
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also known as liquid crack.

a bright orange substance, created by mt. dew that now comes in wow themed flavors; horde and alliance.
person a: duuude! did you try the new alliance game fuel?!
person b: /stab
person a: wtf!?!?
person b: pwned by horde bitch.
by liquidCRACKaddict July 4, 2009
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a flavor of mountain dew that increases halo and gaming skillage tremendously. game fuel is a strong central nervous system stimulant. studies show decreased reaction time and increased accuracy in gamers who take game fuel. game fuel withdrawal is known for its unpleasant mental, physical and emotional effects, ranging from paranoia, sweaty palms, hallucinations, seizures, coma, and even death... the kind that lasts forever. the federal government is considering scheduling mountain dew game fuel because of its high abuse potential. there are many support groups available for those who are addicted to game fuel, most notably game fuel anonymous.
my best friend and uncle both overdosed on game fuel and died. forever.
it may seem glamorous at first, drinking game fuel and having fun with your friends playing halo, but eventually your spiral into addiction and you end up just sitting by yourself in your bedroom taking game fuel and playing halo three all by yourself. its the wrong path to go down, dont do it.
by rilesworth September 24, 2007
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New limited edition flavor of Mountain Dew, in honor of HALO 3. "Game Fuel Dew with an invigoration blast of citrus cherry flavor." You rather really like it or you really hate it, for the most part.
-You tried this new Mountain Dew?
-Game fuel? That stuffs sucks.
by JohnnyHeck September 12, 2007
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A sweet new drink by Mountain Dew, in celebration of Halo 3. Is known to turn sperm orange after the consumption of mass quantities.
Bill: Dude I just chugged a two liter of game fuel! I hope I don't get the runs!
Fred: Watch out. Caffeine does weird things.
*thirty minutes later*
Fred: Ha, O.J.
Bill: I wonder what it tastes like...
by PKN October 1, 2007
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A Mountain Dew flavour which is just Code Red and Live Wire mixed together. It is the drink of choice among fat, sweaty losers who only drink it because they think it'll make them better at video games somehow. Overall, a waste of money.
FRIEND: Dude, I've got Game Fuel!
ME: Umm...yay? What's the big deal? You've never even played Halo, and you don't have an Xbox.
FRIEND: Yeah, but it has the word game in the name, so it must be AWESOME right?
ME: *Goes home*
by The Man From P.O.O.T. August 30, 2008
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