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A kick ass bitch with a great sense of humor and the best girl you'll ever meet. Always stick with a Gabbey through thick and thin. It's also a nickname for Gabrielle. Gabbey is a beautiful, smart, and athletic girl with a heart for loving anyone. A girl named Gabbey is definitely a good friend
"Dude did you see the play Gabbey made in the last game??!"

"Gabbey is hella chill"

"That girl Gabbey is gorgeous!!"
by Alexa J. Anderson June 24, 2014
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Worst bitch never trust her she's a Gemini and can't trust her around ur mans
"Gabbey stole my man idk how tho she's so fucking fat and ugly"
by Fuck gabbey man fuck her September 12, 2017
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