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The G37 is Infiniti's new sport coupe, introduced as a 2008 model. It comes in three models: Base, which includes standard features; Journey, which adds a 6-disc CD changer and Dual Zone climate control; and Sport6MT, which adds a 6 speed manual, sport tuned suspension, and upgraded wheels and tires.

The G37 is being compared to BMW's 335 coupe. However, I believe the G37 to be superior to BMW's 335 coupe from a performance standpoint in the sense that it makes 330HP with a naturally aspirated V6, as opposed to the 335 which makes 300HP with a twin turboed I6. Therefore, you can purchase a turbo or supercharger for the G37 and make well over 450HP. Plus, the G37 costs far less than the 335.
G37 owner: "With the money I saved by buying a G37 instead of a 335, I bought a supercharger."

335 owner: "Oh yeah? Well my car is twin turboed and makes 300HP. What does your's make?

G37 owner: "Around 450."

335 owner: "...Oh."
by Olshan November 16, 2007
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The updated version of the Infinti G35 luxury coupe. New additions include nicer interior, 3.7L engine with VVT-I technology, and dual air intakes. ALso HP has been raised to 330 and torque to about 300.
G37 is often compared to the 335i BMW
by ScottyBear June 08, 2007
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A g37 and G35 race.. The g35 wins and looks better.
by Jtrain August 26, 2008
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