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a walk defined as having gangster-like swag, such as a "G" or gangster would possess
I'm such a G, watch me do my g-walk.
I feel pretty fly when I do my g-walk.
by carl baliff October 27, 2010
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The process of walking and googling on your smart phone at the same time. Usually it happens when you have a revelation while your walking with friends and you just can't remember something so you end up having to google while you walk.
Mark and Mary were trying to remember how the theme song of Three's Company went on the way to a meeting,but they couldn't figure it out after many unsure guesses. So Mark pulled out his I-Phone and had to G-Walk.
by Muzikrulesthenation January 15, 2012
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g walk is a common way of walking consisting of a person walking with a bop while eating pasta bake.
I was walking down the street the other day with a tray of pasta bake and it was burining my hands so i expressed my pain with a sway. g walk
by Ciggie August 06, 2006
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