Person 1 :g’day cunt
Person 2: g’day to you too cunt
by LordEmmet November 6, 2018
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An Australian greeting. Good day mate. Or sounds like, gud die meyt! Sorry I’m just bored
G’day m8, how u doin
by thisisandthisislore July 1, 2018
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G’Day Mate is the act of applying Australian Gold Sunscreen to one’s anus prior to Butthole Sunning. In case you’re wondering, like I was, Butthole Sunning is an actual thing. Apparently “absorbing sunlight through your anus is a great way to recharge your whole system”.
Chris: “Hey Sarah, it’s supposed to be 85 and sunny know what that means!”

Sarah: “Sure do! It means you’re still worried about your melanoma coming back and you need me to give your asshole a G’Day Mate.”

Chris: *sad faced* “Yes.”
by Lee Kinanis November 7, 2020
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