A shorter way of saying "the people I know in real life".
@the_temptations_fanpage (Internet Friend 1): I love having friends! They're so fun!

@revolutionarysaxplayer (Internet Friend 2): Yeah, totally! But I definitely like my internet friends more than my day mates though... Like you!

@the_temptations_fanpage: Really? Thanks! Same to you!

@revolutionarysaxplayer: No problem :)
by revolutionarysaxplayer September 23, 2015
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thats how long it is till ***** is mine
hey, its 3 days untill ***** is yours, fuk yes
by TRIGGERHAPPYTAYLOR September 16, 2004
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Basically all you do is kiss your girl on October 31 and don’t be a sissy and not do it.
“Ouuhhhh it’s national kiss your mate day I’ll be right back I gotta kid my girl
by User345678910 October 31, 2019
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