When a girl acts like she's lesbian with her friends in a joking way but she's really not lesbian. Also, when a girl makes out with another girl strictly to turn guys on.
Mike: Did you see amanda and gretchen make out?

Dick: Yeahh it was hott, do you think they're lesbian together?

Mike: Nahh, I just think they're fykes.
by deffinitelyclutch. August 15, 2009
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1).A fat, annoyng, jewish women
2). A fat, annoying dyke
by preston99 October 14, 2007
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a fat dyke, or a fucking dyke, depending.
Guy 1: "did you see that huge guy?"
Guy 2: "that was just a fat dyke"
Guy 3: "no man, you mean a fyke"
by whatanoob March 30, 2009
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to be screwed over really bad and do nothing about it.
Percy was fyked by his ex-girlfriend really badly!!
by parksy80 September 25, 2008
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When two butch dykes decide to mix it up outside a biker bar. WWII was actually started because Hans stuck his finger in a dyke. The story was cleaned up for future generations.
"Hey Johnny, check it out, Pat And Dot are headin outside, this ought to be a hell of a fyke!"
by BIG TMW May 08, 2008
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When one has consumed multiple substances, such as : Weed, Poppers, Mcat, vodka.
"i had to much ket and gin, fyked it"

"smart price bitter, buckfast, cheap vodka and holsten pills, fyked it m8"
by Dr. Pep November 08, 2013
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I am fyking with Zach because he is a loser.. but a loser that I love.
by Lauren Lenard May 27, 2009
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