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4 sylables, said with a flourish.
I don't know who it is, but it probably is fwqhgads, I asked my friend Joe, I asked my friend Jake, they said it was fwqhgads.
by Riggzy July 03, 2003
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On the flash website homestar runner an anonymous person who refers to himself as "fwqhgads" writes Strong Bad a Strong Bad email saying "i love you." fhwqhgads is short for some super long name that anyone who tries to retype has no life whatsoever (no offense...) but Strong Bad cannot pronounce it, so he just calls the guy fhwqhgads. This is one of strong bad's earlier emails, but a little later on, the website made a video called "everybody to the limit", a video all about fhwqhgads.

To sum it all up, Fwqhgads is some random guy with anger management issues that apparently took his anger out on his keyboard. Simultaneously he loves Strong Bad. anyone who managed to read this whole thing has no life. anyone who managed to type something this long about the guy has no life either. I guess i just told you people i have no life. well i do. fhwqhgads is my best friend because we both have something in common: WE HAVE NO LIFE jk!
"come on fwqhgads i see you jockin me tryna play like u no me" - strong bad
by the best friend of fwqhgads December 19, 2006
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A guy with a really long name. The "#1 Summer Jam"! Come on, fwqhgads! Tries to play like he knows me. He loves Strong Bad. Short for "fwqhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf"
Look, fwqhgads, but the feeling's not mutual. Mainly because of your long friggin name!
by justanotherme69 November 29, 2003
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