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A rap/hip hop/rnb concert each year in June sponsored by radio stations across the United States.
-Did you go to Summer Jam 2005 in Boston?
-Naw, I went to the one in New York.
-Oh, well they were pretty much the same.
-Pretty much...
by Home slice June 08, 2005
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John: bruuhh

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John: bRuHhh

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A song that represents the spirit of summer, and all of the heat and activities that happen during summer. A song that makes you sit up and say, "Man - that is my JAM!"

There is no hard and fast rule that defines a summerjam, but when you hear it, you know.
Rump Shaker may be the quintessential summerjam of the ages.

The Gary Jules version of Mad World is too serious, It's definitely not a summerjam.

It's really easy to point to almost any Jay-Z song and point it out as a summerjam.
by tylernon June 28, 2011
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