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Friends who only seem to come around when they want something or want to try and get something from you. Often they disapear when your birthday, or other events come up where they might feel an obligation to give for a change. They will go long periods of time without calling but then seem to reach you the day before their birthday or when they need to borrow something.
______ is such a fuser. I haven't heard from her in months then she text me like everything is cool asking if I'll come buy her drinks for her birthday.
by cue4u September 13, 2011
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friends and family that use you
we used to be friends but she only calls when she needs something, now we she is just another fuser
by doh79 July 07, 2011
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We all know that a 'user' is someone (a supposed friend) who is only ever there for you if it suits that person, or no-one else is around.

Well, a 'fuser' is a user to the extreme. In other words, a 'fu**king user'... Therefore a fuser.

Haha. An awesome word we use all of the time now.
OMG, ____ is such a fuser.

They are only ever interested when everyone else is busy, what a fuser.

by LauraN January 08, 2008
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