Fake Burberry. usually cheaply made, with four or more stripes instead of the usual three. Usually found on pykies, and brought for 99p at the local market.
by CG November 2, 2003
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Any designer label especially really expensive ones that are knock offs. You then change the first letter of the label name or if the brand has two names ( i.e Louis Vutton) then change the first letter in the second part of it. So instead of Gucci it would be Fucci meaning fake ass Gucci or Louis Futon
Damn son ! Why u buy them Fucci shades at that vender on the street! You could have gotten the real deal at my homies store!
(Friend replys back) what the hell is Fucci!?

(You) Fucci means fake ass Gucci son!

Examples: Furberry = Burburry

Louis Vutton=Louis Futton

Gucci= Fucci

Nike= Fike

Reebok= Feebok

Louie Futon= Louis Vutton
by Mikey Lookout July 8, 2009
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Snide Burberry usually worn by a Chav
So this Chave comes up to me acting all wide so I say "Fuck you, you Furberry wearing bitch"! He's like "What? it ain't fake so I'm like yes it is, the check's don't line up properly", next this all his other Chav homeboys start circling him pulling at his snide gear!
by Snapper October 8, 2004
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