The insane asylum, nuthouse, padded palace. Where you go if you do something crazy.
He was just sent to the funny farm because he was defecating in public while proclaiming the end was near.
by J. Malik March 1, 2006
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A house or small community of houses and land that is trashed hurricane katrina style. You may think that a cirus act just came to town while passing by. These houses often have a bunch of useless crap strewn about there yard. Ex. tractors that dont work, old tvs, goats, llamas, geese, rusty metal, old cars, aerosol cans, plaid couches

Often mistaken for giant compost piles.
Gerald: "Wow man look at that funny farm!"
Homer: "Yeah they really need to clean up their act"
"And I thought my place was a wreck"
Gerald: "You dont think they'll mind if I take a dump next to
that dead cow do you?"
Homer: "Go for it man"
by Nick Sheridan March 3, 2006
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A word often used by gnomes to refer to a crazy house or insane asylum.
Megan is a hop, skip and a jump away from the funny farm.
by ashevillan. November 3, 2009
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This is the name of a head shop in Hereford, Herefordshire. Situated at the bottom of Eign Gate it has supplied Herefordshire and Wales with smoking equipment for the past 19 years. With a friendly and approachable staff this shop will be able to satisfy your needs by having the product you wanted, being able to order it in for you, or being able to point to the right direction.
Him: Yeah man, need to go to the Funny Farm and pick up some papers and snizzle

Her: Might as well get a grinder and a pipe while you're there
by BZP.91mg May 21, 2009
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