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Funny ha ha / Funny strange - Old SNL skit starring Chris Elliot where he and his evil twin own two separate gift shops- one funny "haha" another funny "strange"
Customer: hey I need some whoopee cushions and fake poop for some pranks I'm playing on a friend.
Clerk: Oh, that's more funny ha ha. This shop is more funny strange. Want to see some shrunken heads, or the Fiji mermaid?
by Flava Dave September 11, 2005
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0. ??? (what is the origin?)
1. A) funny in the sense of humorous rather than strange. Earliest usage I've found (on the web): "strange or funny-haha?" --title of CD by the Japanese electronic artist "bisk" (a/k/a Fujikawa Naohiro). Sub Rosa 118, earliest date given: June 1997; b) emphasizes funniness by repetition; c) performs funniness by using a silly phrase.
3. Names of humor websites in Canada and the UK
4. Graffit seen on pavement in NYC (first place I saw it).
What is your what, you say, funny haha?
by half_full_cup May 13, 2005
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