from fundamentals.
Used to seek an explanation behind a term, question or concept. i.e. the fundamental issue behind an idea.
What's the funda in calculting the cummulative GPA?
by Altaf May 12, 2002
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From the root 'fundametal' this is slang for the underlying principle in something usually complex.
Usually used in place of 'secret' when enquiring someone about their sex life, their recipies, their smooth hair, their popularity et cetera.
a: what is the funda of a cryogenic engine?
b: solid fuel, you dumbass
by Gunkglumb May 24, 2005
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going to, fixing to, etc. etc.
I'm funda go to da' sto' and get like 10 40's, fa'reezy.

by Don Maccey April 26, 2007
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What is the funda with you?
by uttam maharjan February 8, 2010
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Meaning is apparent when spelled out- f u n d a ("F" you in the "a")- implying anal intercourse. This word was invented by Aaron Lea in 2006.
Useful in situations where you want to cuss someone out to their face, but don't want to get in trouble. "That's funda do"
by Aaron Lea December 30, 2009
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Fank totally knows his fundae.
by Caveman February 11, 2004
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